Rich Goodwin Airshows 'Muscle Biplane' Aerobatic Display Confirmed For Historic Rally Festival.

The unique twin powered Jet Pitts display plane has 2 jet turbines in alongside the six cylinder 8.5 litre Modified Lycoming 540 engine. A modified rudder which provides better looks and more powerful yaw control and the new wings, an amazing roll rate. Coupled with the addition of a massive smoke system all of this means a spectacular display is guaranteed!

The Muscle Biplane can hover like a Harrier, perform double-hammerheads and the amazing Tower of Power, complete torque rolls, backwards flight, high-alpha knife-edge flypasts.

The 15 minute display will take place over Weston Park after the competitor 'Meet & Greet' which is scheduled for 12.30pm until 1pm on Sunday

Rich Goodwin Airshows 'Muscle Biplane'

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