Welcome to the first running of the HISTORIC RALLY FESTIVAL based in and around Telford. We would like to thank our supporting group’s, Telford and Wrekin Council and Weston Park for their valued support in helping this event go ahead. We would also like to thank Owen Motor club for their help in setting stages and running and marshalling them.



  • Rallying History Club
  • Mark  Constanduros
  • Weston Park Enterprises
  • Telford and Wrekin Council
  • Clerks of the Course Ray Smith
  • Tim Harding Head Marshall
  • MSUK Scrutineers
  • All Officials and Marshalls


Supplementary Regulations


  1. Announcements

Rallying History with organise a Certificate of Exemption permit Stage Rally Demonstration on 21/22 August , 2021 at Weston Park.
The event will be organised to the requirements of Motorsport UK and will be known as Historic rally Festival 2021
Certificate of Exemption Number   ..,……..
Certificate of Exemption D5.1.5 (b) for a Stage Rally Demonstration.


  1. Jurisdiction

The Event will be run and governed by the rules of Rallying History and there are set guidelines for any demonstration event. It will follow The FIA Historic Demonstration Rules, with specific regard to Safety, Driver/Co-Driver protective attire and vehicle movement timing, This Festival will NOT be a competitive timed event.


  1. Authorisation   

The Event will run Motorsport UK Regulations and Declarations and run under a Permit Certificate of Exemption D5.1.5 (b) for a Stage Rally Demonstration.


  1. Eligibility

The event is open to: -

  • All fully paid members of Rallying History.
  • All Fully Paid up members of Slowly Sideways.UK Ireland and Europe.
  • If you are not a member of either clubs you must be a fully paid member at the time of entry.


  1. Event Time Table Saturday 21st/22nd August 2021

August 21st ..  11.00am to 2.00pm 

  • Scrutineering at: A designated area at the QE2 Arena Telford TF4 3NZ
  • 2.00pm All cars to be displayed in the QE2 Arena.
  • 4.00pm Ceremonial Start Ramp flagged off by Official. Cars to return to Qe2 Arena.. and parade run through telford town park.
  • 5.30 First car arrives at SS1 Saturday Stage Telford
  • 7.00pm Signing on at Rally HQ and Barbecue at Service In the Food section.

August 22nd .. 8.40am First car to leave service and head to 2nd official start ramp.

  • 8.30am Car1 at MC1
  • 17.00pm Approx. Car1 due at MC2 finish
  • 17.30pm Approx. Car1 due at HQ in Service Area 


  1. Classes

The event will consist of classes

  • Group 1
  • Group 2
  • Group 4
  • Group N
  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Early WRC
  • Specials 


  1. Entries

Entries will be accepted from all crews that meet the above criteria, with the selected entries being acknowledged and by email from the Selection Committee.

Successful applicants will be emailed directly on 6th January 2021.

The entry fee for this event will be £600.00p

On receipt of email you will have 14 days from 1st Febuary to forward the entry fee to the account supplied with the acknowledgement, should your entry fee NOT be received by this date (20th May 2021).  Your entry will be void and the place will be offered to the next Applicant. (selected in numerical order).

You will be emailed an entry form to complete and fill in along with a spectator information sheet which must be completed.

All Payments will need to be made by electronic transfer only.

The maximum entries for this event will be limited to 80 Cars, plus reserves. The minimum is 65, should the minimum entry for the event not be reached, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the event. 

Entries withdrawn in writing or email before closing date 30/4/2021 will be refunded less an administration charge of £25.00p

Start numbers will be allocated in vehicles age order with slowest at the front.

Celebrity drivers will run at the back of the field.


        8.     Penalties 

Penalties will not be given as the FESTIVAL is a NON-timed event, however, as this is a demonstration event, cars will be driven at pace and should be driven in a safe and exciting manor.

Any driver found to be driving dangerously or in a manor deemed to be dangerous, or beyond acceptable, will be asked to leave the event with no further participation. (The Chief Marshall and Organising Committee will reserve the right to refuse any participant entry to the Stages directly following any breach of the above criteria).

There are road sections in this event and as such ALL participating vehicles MUST be road legal regarding ROAD FUND LICENCE and a CURRENT MOT CERTIFICATE (unless due the registered age of the vehicle TAX exempt). The Police have offered their services and will be in attendance on routes. They will have a strong presence along the routes to and from Stages you will be strongly advised to adhere to all Road Traffic regulations whilst using the public highways.

(Again, the Chief Marshall and Organising Committee reserve the right to exclude anyone reported for failure to comply with these requests).


  1. Safety  

 A Warning triangle and SOS/OK boards are to be carried and used in the event of an incident or break down within any of the Stages. The “RED FLAG’ procedure will operate on this event a map of red flag / radio locations will be included with your road book.

A first aid kit is advisory, but a small spill kit MUST be carried in all participating vehicles.


  1. Retirements

If you retire on a stage, your car will be pushed to a safe place wherever possible and remain there until the stage Closing Car has been and your vehicle location noted, then your car will be recovered to a safe holding area within the grounds. It is then your responsibility to have car collected from the allocated area.


RE- Joining.

As the FESTIVAL is a NONE-Timed event, arrangements are in place with notice to the Chief Marshall or Official, to allow your repaired vehicle to re-start at the next available Stage.

The Overall Timing Plan will be available in the Service Area and once notice of a successful repair has been logged with an Official, you will then be allowed to re-join at a selected interval.

Please Note. Repairs will be in line with presenting the vehicle as Road Worthy and may be subject to Scrutineer’s inspection. 


  1. Insurance 

The club has applied to MarshMotorsport Insurance for a blanket cover note under the Motor Sports Club Scheme this will provide the competitors who need to use the scheme with third party cover necessary to meet RTA requirements on the road sections of the event.

The basic rate for the event (before any loadings) is £35

To comply applicants will: -

  • Over 19 and held a full licence for at least 6 months
  • Has had 2 or less fault claims in the last 3 years
  • Has less than 9 points on licence
  • No physical or mental disability’s


  1. Scrutineering

All vehicles must comply with Rallying History’s compliance list and must carry, 

  • Foreign cars/Entrants must carry their appropriate paperwork for their vehicle.
  • All vehicles (no matter what age) must produce a valid MOT. To prove that the vehicle meets with current highways regulations.
  • Proof of Road Tax/MOT will be required at signing on.

For the duration of this event ALL competitors must use Tarmac Tyres, NO gravel tyres permitted please be aware that E marked tyres are advised due to road sections and UK road traffic regulations.

Anyone found to be using Gravel Tyres will be excluded.


  1. Format

This event is 98% Tarmac with 2% broken, all verges are soft (grass) so measures will be taken to stop cutting corners. 

All stages will be run by a Map format. NO pace notes permitted.

International timing used, you will be given due arrival times for each Stage, a Stage -Start time, with no finish time being awarded.

Road sections will be based upon an average speed to comply with the local road speed restrictions in operation.

Each stage arrival control will have a maximum lateness of not more than 20mins.

Should any vehicle arrive beyond their maximum lateness, they will be refused entry to the stage and will be asked to re-join at the next available period.



Service will be held at Telford Council HQ Car Park. TF3 4AJ. You will be given allocated area to set up. 

Trailers will need to be parked in a Designated Secured Area, NOT in you pit space.

If you are running race fuel there will be an area set out to fuel away from the main service area.

The road book will be set out as to pass fuel stations for those who run pump fuel.



The Event will run 10 Stages 

  • 2 in the am run twice forward then backwards
  • 2 in the pm run twice forward then backwards
  • 2 at a separate venue non spectator

There will be 3 service stops in the day

There will be 2 Re-group stops in the day

The event will cease running on Sunday at Weston Park @ 17.00 pm under all circumstances.

The Motor Club running the stages within the Parks have an exceptional relationship with the local community and to ensure future use of the venues they wish to keep it that way.

Stage mileage will be approx. 68 miles

Road mileage will be approx. 77 miles (to be confirmed once road route agreed with council)

Stages to run over the grounds of Weston Park and neighbouring estates.



On board cameras are permitted but must be fitted before scrutineering.

No hand held devices to be used on stages.



The official photographers for this event is 

  • Capture your car photography
  • Richard Armon Photography
  • Mark Sims Rally Gallery


RALLYING HISTORY and their Associates would like to thank you for your application, we look forward to providing both an enjoyable spectacle for both the Driver/co-driver and the public.

With this being a UK First in terms of bringing a continental style Rally Festival to our shores, we are ensuring that the UK Rallying enthusiast will be rewarded with a spectacle of wonderful Iconic cars from the World of Rallying’s Golden era.

We trust that everyone who takes part will have both an enjoyable and fun weekend.

Thank you once again,

Yours Sincerely,




To Enter

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will supply the entry form by reply.


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